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Credit: Expo Real
Credit: Expo Real

Expo Real opens another hall: NOVA3

NOVA3 will provide a dedicated space on the theme of innovation for exhibitors in this field.

Expo Real responds to the strong growth of recent years and expands to include one more hall. The Real Estate Innovation Forum, Tech Alley and the Start-up Contest will move to this hall. There´s also a NOVA3 Forum.

“2,095 exhibitors, over 45,000 participants—in 2018 Expo Real was bursting at the seams. And so, for Expo Real 2019, we will be including one more exhibition hall, bringing the total to seven. This meets the demand for more space and from new exhibitors, and, with an increase in the number of participants, it also complies with official requirements to provide more public space in the halls. In addition, the theme of innovation in the context of increasing digitalization is gaining importance and leading to increased demand from the real estate sector,” explained Claudia Boymanns, Exhibition Director of Expo Real.

The theme of innovation is the central theme in the new Hall. The Expo Real Innovation Forum, together with Tech Alley and the Start-up Contest area are moving to this hall. “We are pleased we have now managed to attract several of the start-ups from Tech Alley and the Proptech Network as main exhibitors,” Claudia Boymanns continued. These include 21st Real Estate, Alasco, BuildingMind, Cloudscraper Europe, Disruptive Technologies Research, FairFleet, PlanRadar, Sensorberg, Solutiance Services, Visn by Osram and Wicona. As well as these “grown-ups”, this year 75 start-ups (2018: 65) will be showcasing their digital products, solutions and ideas in Tech Alley, in the following sections: Plan & Build, Manage & Operate, Research & Valuate, Invest & Finance, Market and Next City Solutions. In addition, these young companies will again have the opportunity of presenting not only their products but also themselves to the audience, in a Tech Talk.

The 25 finalists of the Built World Innovation Contest will also be featured in Tech Alley. The organizer and cooperation partner from previous years has renamed itself Built World Innovation (previously Real Estate Innovation Network). Europe´s biggest proptech start-up competition will be held ahead of the show.

Established companies in the property sector are also very interested in NOVA3. Among those innovation-friendly big names putting on presentations here will be Drees & Sommer and Immobilien Scout, plus consultancies that are becoming increasingly active in the field of digitalization and technological innovation, planners and companies focusing in part or solely on digital solutions.