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from left to right Dr. Paul Frey, Managing Director of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Association, Dr. Rotraud Krall, Head of the Art Education Department of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Manuel Mayer, Center Manager EUROPARK Salzburg. Credit: Wildbild

Exclusive Exhibition at SES Shopping Center in Salzburg, Austria

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna at EUROPARK.

Shopping at SES malls offers more than just shopping. One of the world’s most renowned art institutions, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, is currently a guest at EUROPARK Salzburg. For the first time, high-quality replicas of world-famous works of art by Titian, Bruegel, Raphael, Vermeer, and Cranach, all of which can be found at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, are on exhibit at a shopping center. From Monday, 7 June to Saturday, 26 June, the exclusive special exhibition will offer a glimpse of the imperial collections of the KHM, thereby delivering art directly to the masses. The purpose of the exhibition is to arouse visitors’ interest in art – right in the heart of Salzburg’s popular shopping center. Titian’s “Portrait of a Woman”, which will be on display in its original form in Vienna from 5 October, will also be exclusively exhibited. On 11 and 18 June, professional art experts will guide visitors through the exhibition, which is free of charge.

At the beginning of June, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna introduced a special exhibition at EUROPARK Salzburg. As one of the largest and most prominent museums in the world, it offers a glimpse into its distinguished collections and art treasures, including well-known works by “old masters”, such as Bruegel, Cranach, Raphael, and Vermeer. During its guest appearance in Salzburg, the Kunsthistorisches Museum will feature a special highlight: A Portrait of a Woman by Titian will provide visitors with some initial insight into the work of the famous Venetian Renaissance painter – three months before the museum’s major fall exhibition, “Titian’s Portraits of Women: Beauty – Love – Poetry”, which will be on display in Vienna from 5 October 2021 to 16 January 2022.

Museum in a Nutshell – a Walk-through Miniature Museum
EUROPARK visitors will also be able to explore the Museum in a Nutshell – a walk-through miniature museum that will inspire people to visit the museums that are part of the KHM Museum Association. “The objective of the exhibition at EUROPARK is to give the public in Salzburg an introductory overview of the diversity of the museums that belong to the KHM Museum Association, which will inspire them to discover the full scope of the museum collections during their next trips to Vienna or Innsbruck,” said Paul Frey, Managing Director of the KHM Museum Association.

Culture is a Matter of the Heart
At SES, entertainment and leisure activities have been integral components of the shopping experience for many years as they make each visitor’s stay at our centers even more enjoyable and diverse. Art and culture are of particular importance to shopping center operator SES. First and foremost, our motto remains the same: “Never be boring!” In other words, surprising visitors with new and exciting things and offering them a range of experiences within our shopping centers is among our top priorities.

EUROPARK: Shopping Center with an Artistic Slant
EUROPARK has demonstrated that art and culture can go hand in hand with an enjoyable shopping experience. The shopping center provides an ideal platform from which the subject of art can be presented directly to the public and made more easily accessible. EUROPARK, which is a vibrant urban meeting place, plays a significant role in the promotion of art and culture.

The center’s artistic and cultural credentials are also manifested in a number of other ways. The artistic approach has its roots in the extraordinary architecture of EUROPARK, which was designed by the Roman star architect Massimiliano Fuksas. Works of art, such as the 35-meter-high “The Tree” sculpture by the renowned American artist Jonathan Borofsky, which is situated directly along the highway, or “Affentor 1” by the German painter and sculptor Jörg Immendorff, have impressed EUROPARK visitors for several years now. OVAL, the in-house art and culture stage, further underscores the high quality of the shopping center in a very emotional manner. Carefully selected collaborations round off the center’s commitment, such as Mozart Week, which takes place under the direction of Rolando Villazón.

Free Guided Tours for Schools and Visitors
On 11 June and 18 June, art experts from the Kunsthistorisches Museum will offer free guided tours of the masterpieces to school classes and EUROPARK visitors and will accompany Salzburg guests through the Museum in a Nutshell. Registration for one of the free guided tours can be completed in advance via e-mail.

About the KHM Museum Association
The KHM Museum Association is one of the most important international museum organizations, and its formerly Imperial Habsburg collections consistently rank among the Top 10 in worldwide museum rankings.Austria’s largest museum group consists of three federal museums: Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Weltmuseum Vienna, and Theatermuseum. Schloss Ambras Innsbruck renders the KHM Museum Association the only federal museum to currently have a representative office in the provinces.The KHM Museum Association is ranked at the top of all Austrian museums and has recorded the highest number of guests, compared to other museums – even during the pandemic year of 2020. We are present at a total of eight museums: Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna at Maria-Theresien-Platz, Ephesos Museum and Weltmuseum Vienna (imperial hunting and armory as well as a collection of ancient musical instruments) in Neue Burg, Theatermuseum at Lobkowitz Palace, Imperial Treasury at Hofburg Palace Vienna, Imperial Carriage Museum at Schönbrunn Palace, Temple of Theseus at Volksgarten Vienna, and Schloss Ambras in Innsbruck.