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Credit: Eurovea

Eurovea’s 10-Year Review

Eurovea, which opened its doors on the banks of the Danube River roughly 10 years ago, is one of the most visited destinations in Bratislava. The shopping center is currently undergoing expansion.

Approximately 116 million customers have shopped at Eurovea to date. That figure is a reflection of the range of brand names on offer, many of which showcase Slovakia’s character, in addition to the numerous leisure activities and the waterfront promenade, which is lined with restaurants.

“We are extremely pleased with the way our customers have made Eurovea a popular and preferred destination. If you take a look at the number of public cultural and sports events that have taken place here over the years, it is easy to see that the location is no longer regarded as a conventional shopping center,” says Olga Hammer, Public Relations Spokesperson and Marketing Manager at Eurovea, thanking everyone who has supported and patronized the mall.

The shopping center, which is located on the banks of the Danube River, has also partnered with many non-profit projects and charities, providing them with space for events and activities. “It represents a successful achievement for us and demonstrates our commitment to all of our customers as well as to the community,” Hammer added.

Nearly half of the shops and other facilities are celebrating their 10th anniversary, in conjunction with the shopping center. Since its inauguration 10 years ago, Eurovea has seen the opening of name brands such as H&M, Mango, Pietro Filipi, Alain Delon, Peek & Cloppenburg, Ecco, Celio, as well as other shops, such as Billa, A3 Sport, dm-drogerie markt, and Dráčik, a national toy store chain.

Virtually No Impact on Tenants as a Result of the Pandemic

In spite of the lockdown and the strict measures that have been introduced due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Eurovea managed to maintain a 98% occupancy rate when the shopping center reopened, adding Rituals, Italian boutique Fabio Gatto, and Clique, a restaurant featuring a unique concept. Upcoming events include, among others, the opening of the first Karl Lagerfeld boutique for men and women in Slovakia.

Katarina Paule, Associate / Head of Retail Agency at Cushman & Wakefield Slovakia, explains: “The opening of a new store is a momentous occasion for any shopping center, particularly if it is a brand that is new to Slovakia or a retailer that only operates a limited number of stores. Eurovea is often the target and the gateway for new brands entering the market, and, as a leasing agency, we are keen to support this trend. In addition to providing long-term cooperation in the area of retail leasing, clients can also make use of the services offered by Cushman & Wakefield via its offices at Eurovea. My colleagues and I, together with a number of other office tenants, all benefit from the direct access to the shopping gallery, Eurovea’s gastro services, the Danube promenade, and the entertainment area. It is the ideal combination of work, shopping, dining, and leisure. We are all looking forward to the opening of the second phase.”

Katarina Paule, Associate / Head of Retail Agency at Cushman & Wakefield Slovakia. Credit: Cushman & Wakefield Slovakia

The promenade, which opened at the same time as Eurovea 10 years ago, features award-winning restaurants such as Al Faro, which was named the best business restaurant in Bratislava and offers Italian cuisine, Primi River Lounge, the second ranked Mediterranean restaurant in the city, and French restaurant Brasserie La Marine and Sajado, which specializes in Asian cuisine. Many of the restaurants used the closure of Eurovea as an opportunity to renovate their premises over the past few months. The river serves as a popular backdrop for romantic dinners, family celebrations, and business lunches. The restaurants are ideally located in the vicinity of the city center and offer convenient parking for guests.

25,000-Square-Meter Expansion

Eurovea is continuing to grow and has not yet exhausted its potential. Its expansion has to be seen in the context of what lies ahead.

“First of all, there is the extension of the popular promenade, which is an unusual feature in Bratislava that provides a complete, comprehensive public area for all residents, visitors, and tourists.” At the same time, as Hammer explains, the capacity of the underground parking garage will be doubled, and the shopping center will be enlarged by about 25,000 square meters, which will significantly increase the level of comfort and convenience for customers and visitors. The cinema facilities will also be expanded. A smaller cinema format will be adopted, which will significantly broaden the leisure offer.

Hammer adds: “The Food Court will also be enlarged and enhanced by a unique food hall concept, which we announced earlier this year.” Another important element of Eurovea’s expansion involves the opening of a Primark store, which will mark the retail chain’s first entry into Slovakia. Pribinova, one of the major streets in Bratislava, is also undergoing a transformation. It is being converted into a modern city boulevard, which will include a square located directly in front of the main entrance to the shopping center. Hammer presents Pribinova as a key street within the scheme of the entire city, connecting the historical center of Bratislava to the waterfront: “You can walk from the city center to Eurovea in just 10 minutes.”

She describes it as follows: “Visitors can enter the shopping center and the surrounding buildings through several entrances on the street, which offers a view of Bratislava Castle. The new boulevard itself will be pedestrian-friendly and will promote all kinds of mobility.”

A tram line that branches off from Košická will cover the missing tram ring around the city and connect its two largest districts, Petržalka and Ružinov. Up to 80 percent of motor traffic will be routed underground, thereby creating an above ground pedestrian zone complete with sidewalks, green areas, and safe cycling paths. Such amenities will enable customers to enjoy an even greater experience while shopping and browsing at Eurovea. The boulevard concept was designed by Beth Galí, an internationally renowned architect and urban planner, whose objective for this project was to create public areas and green spaces for people to enjoy.

Construction on Schedule

The expansion of the shopping center and the construction of Eurovea2 are proceeding according to plan. The framework of the shopping center is rising higher and higher, and there are 240 people currently working on the construction site.

Nine cranes tower above the structure, and all of the other necessary technical equipment can also be found at the site. The pile foundations required for the underground parking garages have all been driven, the ceilings have already been put into place in some areas of the third and lowest underground levels, and work has begun on the vertical elements of the second underground level.