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Credit: FİBA Commercial Properties

Edutainment Concept and Strategies at FİBA Commercial Properties

FİBA Commercial Properties continues to follow up the trends in all their global investments in China, Romania, Moldova and Turkey in terms of sustainable future projects.

Before the pandemic, FİBA began to build an Edutainment Concept starting at their Starmall shopping center in Shenyang, China. There are 10 different concepts available for Chinese visitors to experience, from archery to golf. Nowadays, people have been willing to attend occasions that require more experience apart from the school education and courses. They started to implement such concepts and corporate social responsibility projects into their shopping malls to create more value to local citizens. In this way, FİBA CPM achieves good synergies for other branches in the shopping malls by increasing the length of stay and position in a qualitatively sustainable manner and adds value in terms of center productivity.

Yurdaer Kahraman, CEO and Board Member of FİBA CP, shared his thoughts as “The world of retail is changing constantly and quickly. New trends, concepts, and an edutainment strategy was/is an important tool for our industry. We have tried to add new accents that bring positive synergies to the stationary trade and are an alternative to classic entertainment. Furthermore, these concepts cannot be implemented online, which in turn is the strength of malls and stationary retail. Like in China at Starmall, we are running different concepts in our global projects.”


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