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Credit: EDS Retail Park

EDS Park Opatów recently opened in Poland

Media Expert, Rossmann and Pepco are the main tenants of the just opened EDS Park Opatów – the first finished, innovative investment of a Tri-City company – EDS Retail Park.

The electronics retailer will be the first store to welcome its customers on November 14. The drugstore and the family fashion store will be opened till end of November. Every subsequent opening will be accompanied by the events organised directly in the shop premises.

The investment of 1250 sq m, which was initiated in April, is located in Kopernika 15 Street, nearby Biedronka discount store, which has been operating for some time. Thereby a complementary commercial offer has been created. – “Park in Opatów is an extremely important investment for us. Not only because it is our ‘first baby’. The project was difficult, but thanks to the hard work of the whole team, both construction team on our premises and the one in Gdańsk, we managed to open the facility. It is just the beginning of our journey because we are building new parks. I hope the park in Opatów will make it possible for the residents to do the shopping in a more comfortable way” – points out Michał Nowak, EDS Retail Park chairman.

The construction of Park Opatów was financed by individual investors in Higasa Club formula – a groundbreaking investment model. – “From the financial point of view, it is an extremely interesting undertaking. On one hand it complements the commercial offer of Opatów, responds to residents’ needs, generates jobs and on the other hand it makes it possible for individual investors to make profits. We are opening a commercial real property market and offering a simple and safe tool: short funding period up to 2 years, low entry threshold from PLN 50 000 and good protection, what is important, not based on the sale of shares. Investors are well aware what they invested their money in because it “works” in Opatów in Kopernika 15 Street” – enumerates Marcin Rudziński, Higasa Properties board member.