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Credit: ROS Retail Outlet Shopping
Credit: ROS Retail Outlet Shopping


Designer Outlet Algarve has been recognised with the international BREEAM certificate, the world’s leading method of sustainability analysis. The largest outlet in the Algarve region was recognized for successfully meeting the highest standards of sustainable management, having been rated “Very Good” in terms of building performance and “Excellent” in building management.

The certification process measures the global building management policy, energy costs and environmental impact of the center’s activities, including CO2 emissions as well as the consumption and waste management. Care for the comfort of employees and customers (the amount of natural light, optimisation of temperature, sound intensity or air quality) and the location of facilities close to public transport were also taken into consideration.

The areas in which the Designer Outlet Algarve achieved the best scores for certification in “Asset Performance” were in “Health and Wellbeing” (60.1%), “Energy” (66.7%), “Transports” (55.5%), “Water” (75%), “Materials” (92.3%), “Waste” (100%), “Land Use and Ecology” (66.6%) and “Pollution” (63.6%).

In terms of building management, the ratings were better: “Management” (71.74%), “Health and Well-Being” (67.5%), “Energy” (73.3%), “Water” (76.9%), “Materials” (90%), “Land Use and Ecology” (100%) and “Pollution” (75%). The certification comes in line with the #bettershopping campaign that the operator ROS Retail Outlet Shopping developed for all its 12 outlet centres in Europe, consisting in raising awareness among its visitors.

For Miguel Paraíso Guerreiro, Managing Director of Designer Outlet Algarve, “This certification is very important because it attests to our daily commitment to sustainable performance and the responsible management policy of Designer Outlet Algarve. In addition to being a safe space for shopping, Designer Outlet Algarve is also recognized for respecting the environment in all dimensions of its activity.”

In terms of energy, electricity comes 100% from renewable sources, with only LED lighting and lighting activation control systems. “We are already carrying out temperature control and regulation in technical and common areas in order to reduce energy consumption”, highlights Miguel Paraíso Guerreiro.

On the other hand, Designer Outlet Algarve is also working on an improvement of the production and distribution of heated water to reduce peak consumption of equipment and increase its useful life. For this purpose, flow reduction systems have been applied to faucets and urinals and water consumption is monitored for better assessment and water saving planning.

Another fact is that in 2021, the Designer Outlet Algarve recycled 79% of the waste produced in its operation. “We have set up a container for used clothing, shoes and accessories to give them a second life. We are working with the company Sarah Trading to ensure the greatest transparency and to accompany us in the process of circular use of these garments,” emphasises Paraíso Guerreiro, also mentioning that the container or “Dropbox” is available to all visitors.