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Credit: IPH

Creative use of space: IPH Centermanagement opens Germany’s highest drive-in cinema in Ulm

In times of social distancing restrictions due to the corona crisis, the Blautal-Center Ulm is breaking new ground in creatively repurposing spaces and increasing frequency.

Under the guidance of the center manager IPH, the highest drive-in cinema in Germany was opened on the building’s parking deck. The premiere, which was sold out several days in advance on 30 April at 9 pm, was attended by several hundred spectators in 210 cars.

“As center manager, it is up to us to think outside the box in these challenging times and support both tenants and owners. We are expecting 300-600 additional visitors at the Blautal-Center through the evening performances alone – this means, in addition to the more efficient usage of the parking deck, further synergies benefitting other tenants”, explains Lars Jähnichen, Managing Director of IPH Centermanagement.

Going forward, films will be shown daily at 9 pm on the 12x6m inflatable screen. From mid-May, films will also be shown in the afternoon on an additional LED screen. “With this second daily screening, we can offer the drive-in cinema experience to families as well and further accelerate the frequency recovery after the lockdown,” says Guido Reuter, IPH’s center manager of the Blautal-Center.

The organizers, in addition to IPH Centermanagement also Cinedome Ulm, Donau 3FM and Loser & Freudenberg GbR, intend to continue film operations until the end of the summer holidays in mid-September 2020. The programme and further information can be found at