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Image: Cracovia Outlet | KG Group

Cracovia Outlet Center – optimization of purchases within the multifunctional commercial zone

Cracovia Outlet Center, KG Group’s flagship development project, is being built in Krakow as part of a multifunctional commercial zone. The developer is designing a concept which is mainly focused on the optimization of purchases. The outlet center will be located on one common area with other commercial facilities. As a whole, it is being implemented with the view of maximizing shopping convenience for future customers.

The outlet center will be built on 15 ha of land allotted to the creation of a unique commercial zone. Designed on an area of 21 thousand m2, it will attract customers with fixed discounts of 30-70%, and up to 80% in the sales season. The outlet center together with the entire shopping complex is planned to open in the second half of 2020. Among others, the brands Guess, W. Kruk, Vistula, Wólczanka, Dajar, Diverse, Intersport, Kubenz, and Świat Książki have already guaranteed their spots for their own stores.

“We are continuing to work intensively on expanding the portfolio of tenants. The prognosis is optimistic and confirms the propriety of this undertaking. We are currently finalizing the lease agreements with key brand names for the center. The process is going well,” says Katarzyna Szabelska, Associate Director at BOIG, who is responsible for the center’s occupancy rate.

New fashion brands are constantly entering the Polish market. Competitiveness is growing, which is why developers, in order to guarantee the best possible mix of offers, are looking for the commercial solutions that will gain the best confidence of tenants.

In this case, the outlet offer will be accompanied by various shopping and entertainment options, according to the principle of mixed-use trade. There will be two Atut retail parks on the shared area, adapted for everyday shopping, with a diverse offer of grocery stores, home and decor stores, as well as entertainment, plus one of the largest two-storey Agata furniture stores in Kraków, and one of the largest fitness clubs in Poland.

“We are carefully observing the market trends related to the establishment of various commercial investments. Our new facility is also based on the conclusions that we have drawn from our previous experience. By implementing earlier commercial investments, we have repeatedly analyzed the building and architectural trends, as well as the ways of adapting them to the contemporary needs of customers, which have changed in recent years. The ban on trading on some Sundays, the increase in commercial competition, access to e-commerce, but also the developing trend of a sustainable lifestyle and the optimization of its quality have influenced the final shape of the investment. We wanted the proposed concept to adapt to today’s realities in an innovative and original way, where shopping convenience should not be burdened by compromise,” says Krzysztof Gaczorek, Chairman of the KG Group Management Board.

“The most important criteria that we have adopted for implementing the investment is to guarantee good fashion brands desired by Poles at constant discounts, the presence of a diversified, regular commercial offer for a wide range of customers of the entire mixed-use complex, and the availability of communication infrastructure that enables good access. Thanks to its location, the facility has gained very good exposure in terms of the busy road running right next to it. This is important for brands which decide to highlight their presence in our Kraków facility,” underlines the chairman of KG Group.

KG Group also puts great emphasis on access to the center. A city bus stop will be built within the zone. The company will also rebuild the urban intersections that will provide entrance to the complex, and build a new road, providing access to Cracovia Outlet both from the side of Ciepłownicza Street and Galicyjska Street. Currently, it is possible only from Galicyjska Street. “We have decided to allocate significant resources to road investments. We have chosen an optimal concept for the reconstruction of the road system, which will provide efficient access to the shopping complex, but the residents of the surrounding housing estates and customers of Expo Kraków will also benefit,” highlights Krzysztof Gaczorek.

The developer will also guarantee a sufficient number of underground and above-ground parking spaces. “They will be modern, wide, convenient, compliant with the applicable regulations. The entries to the underground car park will be intuitive, spacious, comfortable, so that they can be used without fear of damage to car paint. Thanks to the fact that we are creating the commercial concept from scratch, we can refine it in every detail, so that our future customers can appreciate its application in practice,” sums up the Chairman of the KG Group Management Board.