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Gabriele Volz. Credit: Commerz Real

Commerz Real reports strong leasing activities in 2020

A strong year for leasing activities in 2020 and a successful start to the year with new business in 2021 have been reported by Commerz Real, the asset manager for real asset investments in the Commerzbank Group.

Thus in 2020 areas of approx. 350,000 square metres were leased across all product groups, 150,000 more than in the previous year. The number of leases was 513, which is 127 more than in 2019. In addition, in the first four weeks of this year it has already been possible to acquire some 158 million euros from private investors, of which about 116 million euros were for the new impact fund Klimavest. “These excellent results are not only testimony to the outstanding quality of the asset and portfolio management,” says Gabriele Volz, the Chief Executive Officer of Commerz Real. “They also reveal the unbroken high degree of trust placed by investors in our products, and this in spite of the current crisis.”

In the meantime Klimavest, which was launched in November 2020, has attained a volume of approx. 250 million euros. In the course of its term of at least 50 years, the first impact fund for private investors, which focuses on real assets, is intended to develop a portfolio comprising plant for the generation of renewable energies as well as sustainable infrastructure, mobility and forestry with a total value of at least 25 billion euros, of which about 10 billion euros will be equity capital. In contrast to conventional sustainability funds Klimavest invests in those assets which make a measurable and thus verifiable contribution to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. “The asset pipeline has been filled with wind farms and solar parks with values running into hundreds of million euros so that the high level of demand can be met quickly and adequately,” says Volz with confidence.

With regard to the 350,000 square metres, according to figures released by Commerz Real these lease agreements will generate rental income totalling about approx. 629 million euros across the entire term. The largest proportion, with about 222,000 square metres and a contractual value of 466 million euros, is accounted for by the office sector. This is followed by retail/gastronomy with approx. 116,000 square metres and a contractual value of about 160 million euros, ahead of residential with ca. 11,800 square metres and 2.5 million euros.

“In addition to the continued focus on active asset management, for 2021 we see promising opportunities for investments in real estate as well as in renewable energies, and we will quickly utilise opportunities as they arise so as to further develop the market position of Commerz Real,” concludes Volz.