Citycon’s rent collection continues strong in Q3/2020

Citycon’s rent collection has been solid throughout 2020. As of today, the rent collection rate for H1/2020 stands at 94%. Solid collection rates have subsided, and 90% of July 2020 rents were collected in the beginning of week 37.

“The continued strong collections on top of the 11% gain in sales for the same month clearly signal the strength of the portfolio even during this difficult period. The holistic approach selected in the Nordics to tackle COVID-19 outbreak has placed businesses in solid position to come through the crisis and continue operations. This has been reflected also in our rent collection figures that continue to outperform the industry average. Furthermore, this highlights the demand for our necessity-based community centres with retail, municipal services and grocery stores/pharmacies that are connected to public transportation. The mixed-use strategy of our centres provides natural visitor flow bringing customers to enjoy the services of our tenants every day, even during these unusual times.” says F. Scott Ball, CEO at Citycon.

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Chapman Taylor supporting on remodelling of La Marina de Finestrat shopping centre in Alicante

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Yovav Carmi appointed as President of the Management Board of GTC

GTC Supervisory Board has appointed Mr. Yovav Carmi to the position of the President of the Management Board of GTC.

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NEPI Rockcastle: Portfolio fully operational

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