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Image: Chapman Taylor
Image: Chapman Taylor

Chapman Taylor designs mixed-use district near Lisbon

Chapman Taylor, in collaboration with local architects Boost Architecture Studio, is currently designing Cinco District, a new office, F&B and hotel development at Carnaxide, near Lisbon in Portugal.

The focus of the 40,000 sq m GBA development will be an 80-metre-tall, 20-floor office tower, which will house a striking LED display and a vertical garden. There will also be a 7,000 sq m podium building with a green terraced roof.

The scheme will include a 4-Star Marriott Hotel which will cater for both tourists and business travellers, providing amenities for networking between national and international companies. There will also be restaurants and 1,100 parking spaces.

Workspaces will extend into the 7,000 sq m of green space via open terraces throughout the complex, seamlessly linking the interior and exterior spaces.

The BREEAM-certified development will offer 40 charging stations for electric vehicles, efficient lifts, solar power, LED lighting technology and other smart systems for environmental efficiency. Only native plant species are used in the garden areas to help reduce water consumption. The rooftop gardens will also provide natural thermal insulation. The green areas will also host an events venue, which will function as the heart of the complex. This square, open to all, including the local community, will be a lively space that will host a range of events and cultural initiatives. Cinco District is scheduled to open in the second half of 2021.