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Image: CCC

CCC, the leader of the Polish footwear market is joining Colosseum Mall in Bucharest

CCC, the leader of the Polish footwear market, with a chain of 76 stores across Romania, will open at the end of next year a store of 800 sq m in Colosseum Mall.

The store from Colosseum Mall will follow the newest concept and design of the CCC brand, which focuses on simple lines, neutral colours, grayscale finishes with metal furniture elements and a modern look with industrial influences.

Joanna Jozwiak, General Manager CCC Romania: “We are very excited about the partneship with Colosseum Mall. It not only helps the brand to consolidate and increase its awareness, but also addresses, by its location, a new community of customers. Our new location is sure to become a true destination for both locals and out-of-town visitors.”

Mihai Dinu, General Manager Colosseum Mall “We are glad that the expansion process of Colosseum centre is taking shape together with experienced retail partners like CCC. Our project is an opportunity even for retailers that operate a large number of locations, because they come to serve a strong new community, which is constantly growing. In fact, another business objective for us is to develop our first residential project right next to the Colosseum Mall.”

The beginnings of CCC Group date back to the first half of the 90’s. Ever since, CCC has become one of the largest footwear retail companies in Central Europe and one of the largest footwear manufacturers across Europe. CCC Group is present in 29 countries and it has over 1200 stores worldwide.

The brand entered the Romanian market in 2012 through a franchisor, and after 6 years, the mother company decided to buy all the 55 stores at the time of purchase, in April 2018. At the same time, the brand started a campaign to expand and modernize its network of stores in Romania.

For CCC, the physical spaces still remain a constant direction in the strategy of expansion and growth. When it comes to shoes and accessories, the trial of products is still important, and the traditional buying process is preferred by the majority of the CCC Romanian customers. On the long term, CCC aim to strenghten its omnichannel sales system, combining online and offline channels, in order to bring better and diverse shopping experience and make the purchase process more easy, pleasant and engaging.

CCC operates as “house of brands” which involves the sale of several footwear brands under one roof such as Lasocki, the most popular natural leather brand at CCC, Jenny Fairy, Nylon Red, Cesare Cave and Vapiano. In addition to its own brands, CCC offers Disney licensed footwear, adored by the little ones, featuring favorite cartoon characters.

Starting 2019, CCC collection was completed by Gino Rossi, aquality natural leatherbrand that stands forelegance, chic and sophisticated design.

Furthermore, CCC continues to bring new models of sports shoes. Besides its own sport brand Sprandi, CCC offers a selection of shoes bearing the signature of the most popular sports brands such as Adidas, Converse, Puma, Reebok and Skechers. In CCC stores, the costumers may find as well, a wide range of fashionable bags and accessories.

In 2021, Colosseum Mall will open 16.500 sq m of new modern retail space which will host more than 60 new stores, fashion brands, coffee shops, restaurants, playgrounds for children, multiplex cinema and designed spaces for timeout and entertainment.