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Credit: B&P

B&P offers retailers quick and uncomplicated crisis help during rental negotiations

The already difficult situation for brick-and-mortar retail has resulted in a real struggle for survival in recent days.

Missing customer frequencies and temporary forced closings as a result of the containment measures threaten the existence of many retailers.  Lowering the rent or even suspending the rental payment for the duration of the closure can help minimize one of the largest cost items in these difficult times. However, the legal situation is not always clear.

Those who have foresightedly included a catastrophe clause in their contract have opportunities to act. For all others, B&P recommends negotiating a rental waiver with the landlord. The risk of an extraordinary termination of the contract due to rent arrears must be considered. It is important to act quickly and decisively before the affected company gets significant problems in cash flow.

In this crisis, B&P helps quickly and easily to implement measures that are secure against dismissal. With a team of specialists and a finger on the pulse of the retail, B&P is well prepared for this task.