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Peter Tonstad, CEO of Placewise (formerly Boostcom) and Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board. Credit: Placewise

Boostcom completes global rebrand, with new name and launch of new website

Peter Tonstad, CEO of Placewise (formerly Boostcom), announced the company’s name change, complete rebranding and the launch of its new website.

Placewise is the global leader in shopping centre property tech, serving more than 1,050 shopping centres, across 4 continents and 20 countries. 

Placewise offers the only solution purpose-built for shopping centres from traditional regional and mega malls, to outlet centres and mixed-use developments. The company has been repositioned to better reflect the more comprehensive nature of their core offering, and the addition of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as solutions for tenant engagement and ecommerce for shopping centres. The company operates on the philosophy that from today and into the future, opportunities for shopping destinations will hinge in part upon their ability to create long lasting digital relationships with shoppers- unlocking the power to monetize retail properties beyond the square foot.

The company’s rebranding and new name follow a period of recent strategic acquisitions, iColumn in Singapore, and Placewise in the United States. By joining all of the regional companies under one name, the new brand will reflect the company’s global position to the market. The website, includes in-depth information targeted to three primary segments:  shopping centres and retailers, reseller and referral partners, and investors.

“We’ve taken a clean, modern approach to the website’s design and user experience. We purposefully set out to challenge the status quo in the shopping centre business.  Our new name and redesign reflect that,” Peter Tonstad explained

The site launch was part of a greater strategy designed to differentiate Placewise and the Mall Performance Cloud from a field of less than optimal solutions for shopping centres.

Mr. Tonstad said, “Until recently shopping center owners who recognized the need for digital technology to modernize and strengthen their assets had very few choices. Put together a platform internally; hire a “digital” agency that offers some level of martech, or buy an expensive one-size-fits all CRM platform that requires additional time and money to customize to meet their needs. Shopping centres around the world are facing some steep challenges, they need real technology designed by a company with the industry understanding and global perspective that only Placewise can deliver.”