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Tirana East Gate, Credit: Balfin

Balfin Group continues disbursement of fund to earthquake victims

Balfin Group’s current contribution is 340,000 euros.

Tirana East Gate (TEG) execute payment of 120,000 euros. Another payment was executed by Balfin Group companies in favor of earthquake affected persons in Albania.

The company that made the transfer to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance this time was Tirana East Gate (TEG), worth € 120,000.

Following November 29th  2019 decision of the Group’s Board and companies, under the special auspices of President Samir Mane, to donate 1.2 million euros in favor of earthquake-stricken people in Albania, Balfin Group started yesterday, the first disbursement of Group funds to earthquake victims in Albania.

Payments were made by companies as Neptun Macedonia, Neptun Kosova and Jumbo Kosova, to continue with payment of Qendra Tregtare Univers (QTU) in Albania.

These companies have disbursed to the account of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Albania, respectively 80,000, 70,000 and 70,000 euros, for a total ammount of 220,000 thousand euros.