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Credit: Mint Architecture

ATP subsidiary Mint Architecture designs the façades and the interior architecture for the Jelmoli stores at Zurich Airport

The latest two projects by the ATP subsidiary Mint Architecture, a specialist in commercially used and experience-oriented architecture, are open: two separate outlets for the traditional Swiss company Jelmoli in The Circle.

Due to its size and impressive architecture, The Circle, which is based at Zurich Airport and also “brand new”, is one of the more spectacular Swiss buildings of recent decades. Mint Architecture picked up on the architectural language of the multifunctional quarter and translated this into a unique shopping experience.

Architectural trilogy …
In order to express the differentiation, Mint Architecture’s façade design employs a mixture of materials based on white gold, gold metal, and black, which is conceived to transport the brand values of Jelmoli: timelessness, value, and modernity.

… for lifestyle and sport
In the “Lifestyle House”, Mint Architecture presents a curated range in terms of themes and histories. A varying color concept, elegant textiles, and seating invite visitors to rest awhile. The “Sports House” has light-colored materials and geometrical lines and its range of ceiling heights and views combine with a refined lighting concept to create a series of highlights.

The strong architectural presence has enabled us to write history as the first department store in The Circle. This embodies our pioneering spirit,” says Nina Müller, CEO of Jelmoli.