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Credit: Nicolas Lobet

Artist Charles Kaisin for Westland

The makeover of the Westland Shopping Centre on the west side of Brussels is picking up pace. While the interior of the mall is nearing completion, visitors can already see that future interaction areas will be installed in the shopping centre: spaces dedicated to break time (Sunset Plaza), terraces (Aviary 2.0) and the creation of a central square (Westland Event) to host programmed events.

A decidedly modern layout will enliven the aforementioned places. In reference to the former aviary, which is well known to many Westland customers, AG Real Estate’s teams called on artist Charles Kaisin to sublimate the shopping centre’s West atrium. No fewer than 7,900 origamis were required for the artist and his team to create an iconic work of art. A unique representation for the new Westland Shopping Centre.

Charles Kaisin confirms: “Immersed in the history of the Westland Shopping Centre, I first smiled when I discovered that it was built in the year I was born. I was then impressed when I found out that the largest shopping centre in Belgium is just a few kilometres from where I live. Finally, the idea of creating an origami installation where there once was an aviary, thereby bringing young and old to come and observe the birds, quickly became self-evident: create a huge bird oscillating to the vibrations of any movement, made of thousands of origami birds. The reflections of each origami bird vary over the course of the day with the light and the seasons, and are projected all around the atrium. Come and see.”

Astrid Flamand, Senior Transaction and Development Manager Retail points out: “We were enchanted by the work of Charles Kaisin for the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. His artistic signature inspired us and we wanted to call on his talents to confirm the new identity of the shopping centre. Beyond the themes on which the new centre is being renovated, this iconic object symbolizes lightness, flight, light reflection and delicacy – a medley of major assets that will undoubtedly boost the appeal of the shopping centre for shoppers.”

Live, Shop, Play

Drawing on the experience gained from the revamping of the City2 and the Mint shopping centres, AG Real Estate confirmed its intention to imbue the Westland Shopping Centre in Anderlecht with a new impetus: a new positioning, sharp and diversified marketing, and a strong identity based on the themes “Live, Shop, Play.”

Three themes for three distinct atmospheres:

  • –  Sunset Plaza: the ideal, relaxing place to enjoy a break, where numerous forms of entertainment will be on offer
  • –  Westland Event: the heart of the shopping centre, with entertainment and pop-up stores
  • –  Aviary 2.0: a space that will evoke the mildness and serenity of a spring morning where Bird has found its place.


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