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Sky Mall Shopping and Entertainment Centre. Credit: Arricano

Arricano: update on the impact of covid-19

Arricano informs that in order to implement measures aimed at combating the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, central and regional government authorities have made respective decisions to suspend the operation of shopping malls in Ukraine until April 3, 2020.

Grocery stores, hypermarkets and pharmacies that are located in the shopping malls will continue to operate. 

In response to these decisions, Arricano’s malls – Prospekt shopping mall and RayON shopping mall in Kyiv, City Mall in Zaporizhzhia and the Sun Gallery in Kryvyi Rih – have limited their operation.

Further changes in the work of the Arricano’s shopping malls will be announced later. 

As of now tenants in all shopping malls have been informed about this decision. The media resources of each shopping mall communicate with visitors about changes in the operation of stores.  

Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano, says: “It’s too early to talk about the impact on the company’s financial performance and the market as a whole. After all, there are still many unknown values in the COVID-19 pandemic. We are focused on supporting our partners-tenants, visitors and employees of the company. We are discussing solutions to ensure that the market comes out of this global problem financially stable and with new opportunities for business recovery and its return to its usual mode»