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credit: Wildbild
credit: Wildbild


This year, the energy management system ISO 50001:2018 which SES Spar European Shopping Centers have been working with since 2019, has finally been recertified by TÜV AUSTRIA. The SES energy management system has simultaniously been expanded to all SES shopping malls in Slovenia and Italy and TÜV AUSTRIA certifications have been obtained for all malls in three countries.

As the real estate company for the SPAR Austrian Group, the energy management system has also been implemented in and certified for all INTERSPAR markets and Maximarkt locations belonging to the corporation. Starting from August 2022, the system has been extended towards the countries of Slovenia and Italy, as well as certified by TÜV AUSTRIA.

As developer, constructor and operator of commercial properties, for many years SES has been working towards solutions for the energy efficient operation of its shopping malls. This is the reason why the energy demand in the past years could be decreased approxametely 40 percent depending on the center.

The already-implemented energy efficiency measures

Climate protection and thus the active reduction of energy consume have been on the agenda of SES for many years. To that counts, as an example, the gradual complete conversion towards energy-saving LED-technology in the facades and indoor lighting, the usage of thermal recovery and night-time ventilation when air conditioning, as well as a ventilation control system coordinated with the customer frequency.

Due to the current energy status, SES is considering all additional possibilities for further sensible methods of energy conservation. Already since the beginning of August 2022 the outdoor and indoor lighting for advertisements are being activated before opening time and switched off just an hour after closing time. The intencity of the illumination will be reduced accordingly when there is enough outdoor light.

The malls of SES in Austria and Italy are sourced by a 100 percent green electricity, with which the e-petrol stations in the shopping centers are also being provided, among other things.


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