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F.l.t.r. Klaus Striebich (CEO RaRE Advise), Alison Rehill-Erguven (CEO Pradera Retail Asia), Christine Hager (Managing Director / Head of Shopping Center Asset Management, redos Group), and Reinhard Winiwarter (Publisher ACROSS Magazine). Image: MK Illumination

ACROSS Retail Talks came to Cannes

Every year, the industry comes together at Mapic in Cannes around this time, and the ACROSS Retail Talks joined them this year as well.

The second event of this format took place on November 12 at 4.30pm at Villa Marie Pierette, at the invitation of MK Illumination. After his welcome address, ACROSS publisher Reinhard Winiwarter handed host duties over to Klaus Striebich (CEO of RaRE Advise). Alison Rehill-Erguven (CEO of Pradera Asia), Valerie Stern (Global Strategic Alliance of Fast Retailing Group), and Christine Hager (Managing Director of redos) discussed “Why retail will continue to play an important role in our future lives.” The event’s 20 invited guests gladly joined this lively discussion. A detailed report on this top event will follow shortly.