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Credit: HB Reavis

About the Green Roof of Nivy Station

HB Reavis has created an oasis for leisure and retail in the heart of a lively district in the Slovakian capital. The 12,000-square-meter green roof serves as a highlight.

Bratislava’s New Nivy district, which borders the Old Town, has always been an important transportation hub. Thanks to the numerous new developments over the last few years, including offices and housing, the brand new Nivy Station, and the freshly, completely renovated Mlynské Nivy Street, it is set to attract even more commuters, neighbors, and employees.

Nivy Station is due to become the new social ″heart″ of the zone. It will be comprised of an international bus terminal, a mall, and a food zone that features a fresh market directly connected to an active green roof via an atrium. It is scheduled to open following the summer of this year.

Credit: HB Reavis

Concentration of the City’s Activity

With more than 55,000 visitors expected per day, 20,000 travelers, 12,000 employees in nearby offices, and 3,000 neighboring inhabitants, a great deal of activity is concentrated in one area. As a result, very lively public hustle and bustle, which goes hand in hand with more loyal customers, higher profits, and happy retailers operating within the shopping mall, is created. The thing that will unite all of the various interests and lifestyles is, without a doubt, Nivy Station’s active green roof.

Covering an area of 12,000 sq m, it will provide a new public space that will surely become the social hub of the entire district. It will connect passengers passing through the station, shopping center customers, employees of the New Nivy business district and, last but not least, residents – with all of them seamlessly intermingling in one place.

With regard to the issue of safety, social interaction in public spaces is one of the things people have not been able to enjoy as much in recent months, and the entire Covid-19 situation has put even more pressure on safety and health than ever before. The green roof area is a free public space in which all social interactions can safely take place, and it is well known that public spaces are factors in the creation of conditions for successful retail within cities. Areas designed for recreational activities, terraces, playgrounds, beautiful views, and various types of events attract people who increasingly combine shopping with leisure time.

A Significant Competitive Advantage

Green roofs also have economic impact: They help improve urban environments and create savings for tenants. From a business perspective, they have become an exceptional added value that customers increasingly consider when making purchasing decisions. That is because such places become community spaces in which residents can relax, and they perceive the rooftops as green spaces in which they can enjoy spending their time. They have a closer relationship with green roofs and are, therefore, more loyal to the space as a whole.

The roof of Nivy Station will combine environmental, budgetary, and retail benefits into a single functional complex. Thanks to its size, location, potential, quality, and design, it is definitely a groundbreaking project – not only in Bratislava, but in the entire country.

One Zone for Everybody, Everyday

HB Reavis designed the roof to create separate zones, each with different functions that complement and balance each other. As a result, visitors will encounter zones for shopping, relaxation, events, fitness, sports, leisure, and community gatherings.

The atrium will feature a café with a large terrace, a playground, hanging shading elements, and mobile flowerbeds, allowing the usable area to be expanded. In addition to its venue function, the atrium will also serve as a large relaxation zone for all categories of visitors. The grassy area will be a space for relaxation, which will be particularly useful for those who are exhausted. It will also be possible to transport one’s office out into the fresh air. Boasting a number of peripheral zones, it will be easy for people to find an intimate corner for a more informal meeting, for lunch with colleagues, or to merely empty one’s full inbox in the relaxation zone, which will be equipped with electrical outlets in built-in tables. On days off, the green roof will serve as a perfect spot for a family picnic. A playground, a workout zone, and outdoor chess are all among the available features.

Employees working on all 29 floors of Nivy Tower are certain to repeatedly pass by the green roof, as an exit from the tower leads directly to the food court mezzanine on the fourth floor. Of course, locals will also become frequent visitors. With direct access from below to the green roof, they may stop by for a morning run on the 1-kilometer walking track around the roof, or for a quick stop at the mall to buy something they have forgotten to bring from home – be it an umbrella, more comfortable shoes, or sunglasses.

Slovak customers and shoppers are known for their high expectations: They spend much more time at shopping centers than residents of neighboring countries, but they also expect added value in the form of high-quality spaces, services, and side activities. The Nivy Station green roof will fulfill all of those requirements. It will become a community destination in the city itself, offering dozens of activities for visitors of all ages. Functional zones with detailed layouts, a focus on environmental friendliness, event areas, and ingenious solutions designed by top experts will create a social hub with a wide range of reasons for people to spend their time at a place the likes of which cannot be found anywhere nearby.


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