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A new CFO for MAS

MAS‘ Board appointed Irina Grigore as CFO and executive director. Grigore has 13-years of real estate and finance industry experience and was heading the finance function within the Group.

Irina Grigore holds degrees in engineering and international economic relations and was a senior audit associate with PricewaterhouseCoopers prior to fulfilling senior management roles in finance and information systems with Nepi Rockcastle and Prime Kapital.

Victor Semionov shall remain an executive director with a broader operational mandate across the business. MAS‘ Board expressed its profound gratitude to him for his contributions as the company is transitioning to a business fully invested in CEE. Shareholders are aware that CEO Martin Slabbert and Semionov were appointed in November 2019 to manage the transition, having pre-dating, continuing roles as founding partners of Prime Kapital with which MAS has an ongoing, pre-dating, commercial relationship via the Development Joint Venture. 

Slabbert and Seminov to step down

Given the relationship between MAS and Prime Kapital, Slabbert and Seminov plan to step down as executive directors by November 2022, when the business transition to CEE should be complete, returning full-time to Prime Kapital. To ensure MAS is fully prepared for these potential management changes, the Company has initiated a succession

program to ensure availability of executive director candidates with no affiliation to, or interest in, Prime Kapital well in advance of November 2022. Since November 2019, notable and rapid progress has been made with the repositioning of the business to CEE. MAS‘ Board has had the opportunity to work closely with impressive management candidates for succession that transferred from Prime Kapital in November 2019. Grigore is one of these candidates and her early promotion is a result of outstanding contributions made by her to date.