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Credit: UTG

A group of management companies of large shopping centers in Ukraine will provide rent-free vacation

During this trying time, a group of management companies of large shopping centers in Ukraine supported the business of its partners by providing rent-free vacation for the entire period of forced downtime.

“The situation is unprecedented and there are no solution algorithms. It’s time to prioritize and act,” said Andriy Ioanno, CEO of a group of companies that includes the chain of Arax shopping centers and Oasis shopping mall in Khmelnitsky. “Yes, our hands are tied, but not the common sense. Our shareholders believe that the main goal now is to maintain and support the business. This is the only guarantee of the country and our companies revival, in particular, after the forced measures.”

The Cabinet of Ministers’ resolution on the quarantine conditions implementation has paralyzed the work of most stores in Oasis shopping mall, allowing to continue business only to grocery stores, departments that sell telecommunications and pharmacies. “We provide all existing stores with the maximum assistance and necessary working conditions,” reports Andriy Ioannno. “But strong support is now needed by those who has become a hostage to social collapse. Most of them are medium and small businesses, not only for the future of enterprises, but also for the lives of Ukrainian families. There can be no issue of rent here. We urge everyone to follow the recommended rules of isolation, to be aware, to protect yourselves and their loved ones. That is our total strength and guarantee of full-time return to common work,” he said.


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