Petr Proy, Regional Director Germany & Austria at McArthurGlen. Credit: McArthurGlen
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A 360-degree collaboration with all stakeholders

“We continue to look forward with confidence, especially in regard to our future developments.”

By Petr Proy

Our goal has always been to offer our visitors an all-round carefree and, above all, safe shopping experience. Shopping should be fun, inspiring, and a welcome change from everyday life; making the day brighter for our guests has never been more important, and their safety and well-being must also be a top priority.

We live in a time when things that work well today need to be rethought for tomorrow. The pandemic has made clear how important it is to be flexible at all times, and we have managed to adapt very quickly in this respect.

However, this would never have been possible without 360-degree collaboration with all our stakeholders–brand partners, local and regional businesses, our communities, and our dedicated teams. From working together on implementing the highest standard of health and safety measures, to launching “By Appointment”, a store appointment booking app, and virtual shopping options for guests, the past year has made our partnerships more effective and stronger than ever.

I am also delighted to mention that a variety of new brands have opened with us in the last few months, with many more to come–often with very exciting store concepts. We continue to look forward with confidence, especially in regard to our future developments. On April 12, 2021 we opened our 26th center, Designer Outlet West Midlands, near Birmingham, UK, and we are excited for the opening of our next designer outlet, Paris-Giverny in France, which is currently under construction.

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