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The 6th Swiss Council Congress takes place at the Metropol in Zurich, on June 19, 2024.

50 years of Swiss shopping centers – Half a century of change in shopping culture.

Switzerland is celebrating a remarkable anniversary in the world of retail: 50 years of shopping centers!

This year’s congress with the main theme: 50 Years of Shopping Centers in Switzerland is a groundbreaking event that reflects the history and development of shopping centers and retail destinations in Switzerland.

The congress will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • A journey through the past and the milestones of shopping centers in Switzerland.
  • Experts and visionaries discussing the trends and developments that will shape the retail sector in the coming decades.
  • The role of shopping centers in promoting environmentally friendly practices and sustainable consumption habits.
  • How the latest technologies are changing the shopping experience in shopping centers.
  • The importance of customer loyalty and satisfaction for the success of shopping centers.

The “50 Years of Shopping Centers Switzerland Congress” offers a unique opportunity to learn, network, be inspired and gain insights into the future of retail and the retail real estate industry.

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