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3,000 Store Managers in JYSK will help find 2,000 new colleagues

With the goal of reaching 5,000 stores worldwide, JYSK will need a lot of new Store Managers in the coming years. A new, huge Employer Branding campaign based on the help of current Store Managers is planned to reach that goal.

This February, JYSK reached the milestone of 3,000 stores worldwide. To celebrate this and continue to chase after 5,000 stores worldwide, JYSK is launching the company’s biggest Employer Branding campaign so far.

The campaign will run both internally and externally in medias such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with advertisements, a test and videos. It is all connected with the overall slogan: “Want to join our 3,000 Store Managers?”.

“In this campaign, we have two main goals: to celebrate our existing 3,000 Store Managers, who are proud to be part of JYSK, and to attract the future, the hungry talent, who will help us reach further in our journey to 5,000 stores. When you grow, we grow, as we say in JYSK,” says Kateryna Babenko, HR Director in JYSK.

Large survey among Store Managers

Who are the best people to look at if you want to find a good match for a new position? Of course, the ones you already have in similar jobs, who are doing great. 

This was the thinking as JYSK, during the autumn of 2020, made an international survey among the current 3,000 Store Managers in JYSK. The survey has helped JYSK learn even more about which personal characteristics and hobbies match a typical Store Manager position in JYSK.

“At JYSK, we say that a Store Manager can make or break the store. That is why our existing 3,000 Store Managers are the main heroes in this campaign. It is amazing to see that although they are so different, most of them share many of the same characteristics and hobbies,” says Kateryna Babenko.

The campaign will run at different times in the 28 JYSK countries. Poland is the first country to start 21 April 2021, and Austria the last country to finish 13 June 2021. 

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