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26th RETAIL SYMPOSIUM /// MAY 23, 2024 /// VIENNA

The Show Must Go On! Retail Symposium by RegioPlan®

The Retail Symposium by RegioPlan has Europe’s longest tradition among retail and retail real estate events. For 26 years and over 350 participants each year, it has been one of the leading think tanks of the industry in Europe as well as the most important industry event in Austria.

The top-class event offers its participants the opportunity to discuss current and future trends and challenges in the retail and retail real estate industry, share ideas, share visions and opinions and to get in touch with top decision-makers.

The reality requires facts, sharing and solutions. We initiate, organize and network. RegioPlan inspires and forms opinions at a high level.

The 26th Retail Symposium is awaiting you! Our anniversary event will be held under the motto „The Show Must Go On“ focusing around the main topics Markets | Trends | Investment.

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2024 could become another relatively quiet year for transactions. However, the prospect of more moderate interest rates means several players are much more optimistic about the future. Others still see a real turnaround a long way off. How do investors view the placemaking industry in 2024: Is there a light at the end of the tunnel or is there a freight train coming your way?

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