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November 27, 2023

We are in the middle of a transformation, states MAPIC Director Francesco Pupillo. The changes in the retail world are also reflected in the changing role and face of MAPIC. This includes the presence and support of new players. But in the end, the purpose of the biggest industry fair stays the same: It is a dealmaking opportunity.

The development of new outlet centers is always an exciting prospect, both for consumers looking for great deals and for developers seeking to create profitable ventures. However, an ongoing debate in the realm of outlet center planning revolves around whether leisure facilities should be an integral part of these retail destinations. Giles Membrey, Managing Director of Rioja Estates Ltd. explains the pro and contra arguments.

Today, more than ever, a first-class location, excellent management, and continuous further development are decisive for the future of a retail property. In addition to the location-specific sector and tenant mix, the gastronomic offer is crucial for success – as ECE Marketplaces shows.

Time Out Market is one of the first food hall concepts in Europe. From Lisbon, it has expanded internationally. The list of interested parties, from cities, operators, and restaurants, who want to be part of this success story is long, but new locations are carefully chosen. Sandy Hayek, CEO of Time Out Market, and Ana Alcobia, VP Iberia, explain the USP of their concept, the criteria they use to select locations and restaurants, and why being a media house at its core is so crucial for their success.

Customers are seeking a better-quality and more varied offering, expecting to see both international and local options, argues Joan Rouras, Head of Leasing and Retail at NEINVER. For a long time, a neglected topic, F&B in outlets, is taking on a whole new role. NEINVER has taken many steps to offer its guests innovative F&B in addition to a high-quality retail offering.