Daily Archives: March 30, 2020

Investor René Benko requests government assistance for his companies

The corona crisis makes even major players anxious. These days, investor and billionaire René Benko has to worry about his department store group Galerie Kaufhof and Karstadt. He is negotiating with the German government about aid funds. “Existential threat“ The … Continue reading

Coronavirus: MediaMarkt/Saturn requests help from state

The ailing German electronics retail chain Media Markt/Saturn requests government assistance due to the corona crisis. The parent company  Ceconomy said that the Group decided to request funding from the German Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW). There is no official information regarding … Continue reading


By Dirk K. Wollweber Despite using the lurid “hashtag“ as a header, I am not an influencer. My posts on various social-media platforms are way too text heavy. But in spite of my advanced age I understood that such a … Continue reading

Daily loss of revenue amounts to up to 113 million euros for Austria’s stationary retail

The first part of the research of the Austrian consulting company Standort + Markt focused primarily on the daily average loss of revenue in Austrian shopping malls and retail parks (see the ACROSS article here: 29.7 million euros gross lost revenue … Continue reading

Germany: H&M, Adidas and Deichmann do not want to pay rent anymore

Fashion retailer H&M does not want to pay any more rent for its stores in Germany. The retailer claims that the corona crisis led to the shutdown of all of its 460 H&M stores. “This is why we also informed … Continue reading

The shape(s) of things to come /// 5 theses for a new dawn

Many things have been written about these issues over the last few days. We have yet to see where this journey will take us. However, I tried to summarize what I deduced from these past, very eventful days in 5 … Continue reading

People’s perspectives will shift

By Thomas Mark I’m not a forecaster, but I am a student of people. As a global concern, we’ve been on high alert to the risks of coronavirus and the consequences of a crisis since it first made the news … Continue reading