Daily Archives: September 25, 2018

Retail Strength Lies in Brick-and-Mortar Stores – in the USA As Well

By Moritz Lück The success of retail real estate fundamentally depends on how strong brick-and-mortar retail is. The protagonists of digital transformation would add “As long as brick-and-mortar retail still exists”. In the USA, the discussion regarding the seemingly unstoppable decline … Continue reading

Outlets are Exactly in Line with the Trend of the Times

ACROSS: Invester has been particularly active in the retail sector in recent months. The Freeport Fashion Outlet located on the Austrian-Czech border has undergone a makeover. At the Parndorf Fashion Outlet, you are also working on a redesign. How far … Continue reading

Milan’s Shortage of Shopping Centers

By Luc Lescault Milan, Italy’s second municipality by population with around 1.3 million inhabitants in 2016, is the administrative capital of the Lombardy region, accounting for 22% of the country’s GDP. The city is the main financial, commercial, and industrial … Continue reading