Daily Archives: June 30, 2016

“Alexa has stood for new, different, and innovative from the outset”

ACROSS: HOW DID THE “FIRST STORE BY ALEXA” IDEA ARISE? WHAT ARE YOU EXPECTING FROM THE COMPETITION? FABIAN HELLBUSCH: Alexa on Alexanderplatz is predestined for a competition with exciting new concepts. With 16 million customers per year, it is one … Continue reading

“It’s hard to communicate concepts without real added value for customers”

ACROSS: WHAT MOTIVATED MISTER SPEX TO OPEN A BRICKS-AND-MORTAR SHOP? AND WHY IN ALEXA? JENS PETER KLATT: We firmly believe in the multichannel strategy we initiated with the launch of our Partner Opticians Program in 2011. That way, we can … Continue reading