Daily Archives: January 18, 2016

A brand-led mindset

BY SEAN CURTIS Centers are often stronger brands in their catchment than an individual retailer, but with a brand-led mindset comes a great responsibility for the marketing department to protect, develop, and grow the brand appropriately. Managed well, strong brands … Continue reading

Starting a new conversation with marketing

BY ZOE ELLIS-MOORE That’s a result of both the industry’s misperception of what marketing is and the value it can deliver and the marketing profession’s own shortcomings in making a robust case for what marketing can do and why it’s … Continue reading

Is it just me…

BY JULIAN LONG I am convinced someone is stealing months! It feels like it was literally only a few weeks ago that I was unpacking the suitcases from our family holiday to Mallorca in August and now I am panicking … Continue reading

Flat battery, flat sales? The impact of nomophobia on retail

BY IAN HOBSON No longer merely a means of communication, smartphones have become our morning alarms, calendars, note-takers, cameras, gaming devices, and even, for some, personal shoppers or a method of payment. So when we run out of battery, it … Continue reading