Credit: Swiss Council of Shopping Places

Zurich, Switzerland: Swiss Council Congress /// June 14, 2022

The Swiss Council Congress is the annual event of the Swiss Council of Shopping Places, the largest independent Swiss community for the retail, commercial real estate and shopping center industry, as well as for cities and municipalities.

The congress that takes place at Metropol, Zurich, offers you the opportunity to get to know the most important decision-makers in the retail real estate industry, as well as in the shopping center and retail industry, and to hold specialist discussions.

These are some topics that will be discussed at the 4th Swiss Council Congress:

  • Current market insights into the retail, commercial real estate and shopping center industry
  • The new reality for inner cities, retail destinations and shopping centers after Corona
  • Swiss shopping centers: the path from a consumer temple to a leisure and adventure destination
  • Placemaking: The new supreme discipline and the lifeline for the retail property and shopping center industry
  • The Power of Storytelling – People love stories – What’s your story?
  • Mixed-Use: The magic formula for city centers and shopping centers and why the mix of uses will determine success or failure in the future

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