Credit: umdasch

Retail Experience Tour Venice /// July 15 – 16, 2021 /// Venice, Italy

Venice is building bridges between very different trade formats. luxury temples for the upscale frequent traveler are emerging amidst the flair of Contessa and Casanova.

Right next to them are exuberant markets with many souvenirs as well as, hidden away, small, owner-managed manufactories. The lagoon city is an urban synthesis of the arts–embedded in picturesque, unique surroundings, retail happens right next to the water in a fast-moving yet emotional way.

The Retail Experience Tour of the Shop Academy by umdasch starts in Italy’s oldest coffee house on Piazza San Marco that has become a veritable institution: the Caffè Florian. With a cup of espresso in hand, Venice expert, retail professional, and architect Heidemarie Kriz initiates the participants into the beginnings of this glorious commercial metropolis in true style. At the same time, she provides insights into the individual stops on the two days of the tour.


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