Outlets – A Winning Retail Format? – ACROSS RETAIL TALK: FEBRUARY 15TH 2023, 3 PM (CET), ONLINE/ZOOM

Outlets – A Winning Retail Format? The first 2023 ACROSS Retail Talks will discuss with highly recognized industry experts what the industry can learn from the success of outlet centers.

Beside the learning from outlet centers for the industry in general the ACROSS Retail Talk sheds light on:

  • The success-formula of Outlet-Centers… or are there any other secrets?
  • What are the preferred shopping locations of the customers … and why?
  • What is the operational difference between Outlet-Centers, Shopping-Malls, Highstreet and other locations?
  • What could/should be sold in Outlet-Centers (and what should not)?
  • What types of locations are useful for Outlet-Centers?
  • Will Outlet-Centers be a lifesaver for suffering cities or rather remodeled department-stores?
  • … and more to come

Klaus Striebich (Moderator; RaRE Advise) and Reinhart Winiwarter (Managing Partner ACROSS Magazine) welcome a top-class panel including the participation of:

  • Alexandra von der Grün, Adidas
  • Thomas Reichenauer, ROS
  • Otto Ambagtsheer, Via Outlets
  • Ken Gunn, Ken Gunn Consulting


Hosted by the Location Based Marketing Association, this two day event with over 250+ attendees will feature speakers exploring the location based marketing over the course of a customer’s day.

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