Credit: Messe München GmbH

Expo Real 2019 /// October 7 – 9, 2019 /// Munich

Since 1998, Expo Real has hosted the entire industry for three days each year.

This year, the international trade fair for real estate and investments will take place from October 7 to 9 in Munich – as always. The event attracts potential business partners for the entire life cycle of a property: from the idea and concept to investment and financing, to execution and marketing, through to operation and use. Expo Real participants also cover the entire value chain: project developers and managers, investors and financiers, real estate consultants and brokers, architects and planners, corporate real estate managers, expansion managers, as well as economic regions and cities. The background undoubtedly lies in the financial crisis that occurred 10 years ago, the effects of which continue to be felt in the industry: high real estate prices, low interest rates, high investment pressure, and low returns on investments. However, the industry is doing well. It has continued to develop and has become more international and digital. Nevertheless, sensitivity to the uncertainties of the global market remains omnipresent. That atmosphere will also prevail at Expo Real 2019.

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