Credit: Swarovski Kristallwelten

Enchanting brands – hypnotic stores /// October 22, 2020 /// Wattens, Austria

In the morning, participants will be introduced to the art of “hypnoaesthetics”, which renders stores and brands around the world stimulating and hypnotic: from Seoul to Feldbach, from luxury fashion to fast fashion, from shopping malls to food retail.

Light staging will play a major role in the presentation. Participants will then explore the illuminated showroom of MK Illumination as part of a guided tour led by marketing expert Christian Mikunda. Finally, the attendees will have an opportunity to see how the so-called art stages inside the Swarovski Crystal Worlds store in Innsbruck can make a flagship store shine. In the afternoon, Mikunda will embark upon an educational expedition.

For example, participants will visit the Swarovski Manufacturing facility, accessible only to insiders, where retail and entertainment artists turn their creative ideas into reality. Areas that are usually off-limits, such as the “Crystal Library”, will be open to them.

A special tour of the “Crystal Worlds” (photo), where modern hypnoaesthetics began, is next on the agenda, followed by an in-depth POS exploration I the huge museum shop.

The one-day seminar is set to take place as part of the Shop Academy of umdasch – The Store Makers.

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