The Dialogue Forum Urban Perspectives: “Visions on the quality of life in urban spaces” event takes place Dec 12, 2023 at the Minorite Monastery in Wels, Austria.

The transformation process of urban spaces is the big challenge! But what does and what do we mean by transformation? Do we have to literally “cut off old habits” in order to successfully master this process?
Sticking to traditional concepts will not be enough for a vibrant inner-city life. be enough. This means that retail as a driver for functioning city centers is only one “side of the coin”. “side of the coin”.

A large number of current surveys and studies indicate that gastronomy, leisure and events as well as the atmosphere are central pull factors of a city center. If we follow the theories of trend researchers, people’s expectations of urban space are highly diversified and individualized.

The key to successful city centers lies in the quality of stay and quality of life.

You can look forward to an interesting symposium with many best-practice examples from Germany, Austria and the host city of Wels.

Please note that the event will be conducted in German. More information can be found here.


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