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Credit: Completely Retail Marketplace
Credit: Completely Retail Marketplace


Completely Marketplace Nordics will take place on May 23, 2024, in Stockholm.

Completely Retail Marketplace Nordics is where retailers can come and meet a diverse range of property brokers, landlords, shopping center owners, and franchise operators to discuss site opportunities within the Nordic region. Or to explore international opportunities if they are a Nordic retailer looking to expand outside of the region.

Completely Retail Marketplace is where retailers meet commercial landlords for a day of discussing shop and space acquisitions. Each event takes place over just one day, always in a highly accessible city location, to provide a stripped-back, effective environment designed to simplify and accelerate the process for retailers to set up shop and find the best destinations for their brands.

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2024 could become another relatively quiet year for transactions. However, the prospect of more moderate interest rates means several players are much more optimistic about the future. Others still see a real turnaround a long way off. How do investors view the placemaking industry in 2024: Is there a light at the end of the tunnel or is there a freight train coming your way?

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