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A Paris-Proof retail property sector /// October 28 /// Webinar

BPIE invites to an upcoming webinar which seeks to bring the retail real estate industry and policymakers closer together, “A Paris-Proof retail property sector: How to reach net-zero shopping spaces by 2050?”.

October 28 | 10-11:30 GMT+2:

Led by BPIE (Buildings Performance Institute Europe), 14 property developers from the retail real estate sector have developed a common vision to accelerate decarbonization of Europe’s retail buildings. The vision includes clearly defined targets with tailored pathways for property owners and retailers, and a clear roadmap for policymakers that should support retail to meet Paris-Agreement commitments while simultaneously achieving recovery and economic growth. To reach climate-neutrality, collective action and shared responsibilities within the industry and from the industry towards policymakers is vital.

Key discussion points:

  • What does ‘zero-carbon’ really mean for the retail building sector?
  • What are the strategies and best practices that retail asset owners are using now to decarbonise their portfolios?
  • How do leading industry experts envision the road to decarbonisation?
  • What are the principles and requirements for achieving zero-carbon outcomes?
  • What should be the roles and responsibilities of asset owners, tenants, financial institutions, buildings’ solution providers, and policymakers?
  • How to set clear boundaries for establishing carbon neutrality targets and pathways?

… And crucially, to ensure 2050 climate-neutrality of the retail real estate sector, who needs to do what, and by when?

Find more information about the webinar and registration here.

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