HBB Group – based in Hamburg – has been active in the real estate industry as an investor and project developer for more than 50 years. Asset classes like retail, office, hotel, senior living and residential properties have been developed and built across Germany. HBB sees itself as a specialized investor with the aim of creating successful long-term value rather than short-term profit maximation. The focus of HBB is on sustainability and compatibility of their real estate projects. The company is owner operated and has a team of more than 140 highly skilled professionals. HBB Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG manages shopping centers in Hanau, Frankfurt, Munich, Langenhagen, Gummersbach, Nidderau, Hamburg, Weiden, Essen, Wittenberg, Leipzig, Wuppertal, Ingelheim, Stein, Heiligenhaus, Langen and Lübbecke among others.