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73rd International Retail Summit, Rüschlikon, Switzerland /// Sept 7-8, 2023

The International Retail Summit is one of the international community’s leading strategy platforms for decision-makers and thought leaders in the retail and consumer goods industries. Participants are decision-makers from retail and related industries, entrepreneurs, academia and journalists from Swiss and European quality media.

What should retailers do when costs rise and margins shrink? Streamline offerings, robotise services, stop sustainability initiatives? Optimise the present now – or invest in the future? What to do? And even more importantly, what not to do?

“More focus!” is the magic formula. For retailers, this means setting bold priorities, implementing rigorous decisions and taking responsibility: not just for the shelves, but also for the people – customers and employees – in order to build trust.

At the 73rd International Retail Summit, we will explain why the ability to focus is one of the most important management competencies in retailing. Thought leaders, retail pioneers and top managers will discuss questions such as:

  • Less is more: How does streamlining the focus help retailers to become more employee- and customer-centric?
  • Curating versus reacting: Do successful retailers shape customers’ preferences through their assortments – or do they merely address existing customer needs better than the competition?
  • Product, service or experience: What do retailers need to focus on when customer journeys become immersive experiences between physical and digital worlds?
  • Human versus machine: How does a human-centred approach focusing on customers’ and employees’ needs unlock the true potential of automation?
  • Way out of the crisis: Which innovations really help retailers thrive in the recession?

You can register by following this link.


PROVADA is known for the largest real estate fair in the Netherlands. With more than 200 exhibitors from the real estate sector – from project developers, investors, builders, architects to financiers, advisers, brokers and housing associations – and more than 70 municipalities, provinces and the central government, the public sector is well represented at this real estate fair where the public-private connection is central to the programming.

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